PhD in Quality Technology and Management, May 2013, 240 Hp

Dissertation: Quality Improvement in Healthcare: Experiences from a Swedish County Council Initiative. Thesis No. 1505 []

Licentitate of Philosophy; Quality Technology
2010, 120 Hp

Licentiate Thesis: Practice-based Improvements in Healthcare
Thesis No. 1455, LiU-TEK-Lic 2010:26, ISBN: 978-91-7393-275-2
60 Hp

Master of Science; Medical Science, Nursing Science
2005, 240 Hp

Master of Science Essay (Swedish title): Föräldrars upplevda erfarenheter av att tillfrågas om medverkan i forskning för sitt prematura barns räkning
2002, 15 Hp

Specialists Training; Nursing for Children
1994, 1 year/60 Hp

Nursing Education/Certificate
1992, 3 years/180 Hp

Senior High Scool Natural Science
1987, 3 years


Introduktion to e-health
2016, 7.5 Hp

Scholarship in Supervision Post Graduate Studies,
2016, 7.5 credits (in English)

Scholarship in Supervision in Basic and Advanced Level,
2015-2016, 7.5 credits

Scholarship in University Teaching, Research based education
2012-2013, 5 credits

Scholarship in University Teaching, Academic teaching in
higher educations 2012, 5 credits

Course in Academic Writing
2011, 6 credits

Course in Management for Improvement in Healthcare
2011, 7.5 credits

Course in Clinical Research for Nurses
2004, 15 credits

Swedish Academy of Pharmaceuptical Science; Basic GCP course
2003, 3 days

Cambridge; First Certificate in English, 2002

Swedish Academy of Pharmaceuptical Science; Basic introductory course in Clinical Trials, 2000, 2 days


Journal papers:

Andersson, AC., Johansson, RM., Elg, M., Andersson Gäre, B. & Christensson, L. (2017). Using Quality Improvement methods to implement guidelines that decrease the proportion of urinary retention in orthopaedic care. International Archives of Nursing and Health Care, Online, 3(1), doi: 10.23937/2469-5823/1510065.

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Andersson, A-K & Kristensson-Hallström I. (2005)
Parents’ lived experiences from being asked to include their preterm baby in clinical research. Vård i Norden, 77(25) pp. 29-33 (in Swedish)

Other publications

Idvall, E. & Andersson, AC. (2014) Kvalitetsutveckling inom omvårdnad. I: Ehrenberg, A. & Wallin, L. (Red., andra upplagan) Omvårdnadens Grunder – Ansvar och Utveckling. Lund, Studentlitteratur

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Conference presentations:

Oral presentation at the 10th NOVO symposium on “Sustainable healthcare through professional collaboration across boundaries” 10-11 November 2016 in Reykjavík, Island. Abstract: The need for collaboration to improve support to children as relatives.

The International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare, Gotenburg, Sweden 12-15 of April 2016
Two posters: Meeting the needs of “children as relatives” – a study on implementation and evaluation of a recent regulation in Sweden; and Challenges to improve inter-professional care and service collaboration for people living with psychiatric disabilities in ordinary housing.

The 3rd Nordic Conference on Research in Patient Safety and Quality in Healthcare, Stavanger, Norway, October 2014
Abstract: Experiences of a quality improvement program for people with psychiatric disabilities; a joint learning collaborative between different care givers.

Nordic Conference on Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice. Linköping, Sweden, February 2013
Abstract: The “forgotten” last step of standardization and implementation using the PDSA-SDSA cycle

QMOD Conference in Poznan, Polen, September 2012
Proceeding, Sustainable outcomes of an improvement program; do financial incentives matter?

Poster session at ICERI Conference in Madrid, Spain, November 2011
Proceeding, Evaluating the use of the Breakthrough Series Collaborative methodology in Swedish healthcare quality improvement projects

QMOD Conference in San Sebastian, Spain, August 2011
Proceeding pp. 102-116 in Book of papers, Adapting a survey to evaluate quality improvements following the breakthrough methodology in Swedish healthcare

Lecture/presentation of the Licentiat thesis at Linnéuniversitetet, Kalmar, 2011-05-23

Licentiat seminar examinationpresentation of the Licentiat Thesis
Linköping University 2010-12-02,
Practice-based Improvements in Healthcare

QMOD Conference in Cottbus, Germany, August 2010
proceeding, Who are conducting quality improvements in healthcare services? An evaluation of an improvement program in a county council in Sweden.

Research presentation at “Varje-dag veckan” Kalmar County Council, 2010-04-15

QMOD Conference in Verona, Italy, August 2009
Abstract, Towards an empirically defined taxonomy for health care improvement projects in a county council in Sweden


Jönköping University, School of Health and Welfare, The Jönköping Academy for Improvement of Health and Welfare. Lecturer (senior school teacher/Assistant Professor) in Quality Improvement and Leadership, 2014-01-20 – ongoing.
2016-07-07 – ongoing assignment as Program Managerfor the Masters Program in Quality Improvement and Leadership of Health and Welfare, and Education Coordinator.
2014-01-20 – 2016-06-30 Research Coordinator.

Malmö University, Faculty of Health and Society
Secondary-School teacher
2011-08-15 – 2014-03-15

Linköping University, Division of Quality Technology and Management and Kalmar County Council
PhD-candidate in Quality Technology and Management
2009-01-19 – 2013-05-31

AstraZeneca R&D, Lund, Clinical Pharmacology Unit (CPU)
Senior Research Nurse/Recruitment Officer
2000-10-06 – 2009-01-16

Malmö County Council, Lund University Hospital, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Registered Child Nurse/Research Nurse
1994-08-22 – 2000-10-05

Kronoberg County Council, Växjö Central Hospital, Children Clinical Department
Registered Child Nurse
1994-06-13 – 1994-08-14

Nybro Municipal, Kvarnbackens Nursing Home
Registered Nurse
1992-06-09 – 1993-08-31