About me

I was born the 29th of April 1968 in Kalmar, Sweden. In spring 1970 the family moved to Rebbegården in Hagby, were I was grown up. First year school began in 1975. I went to high school at Lars Kagg School in Kalmar, and had my examination 1987.


The following year I worked as Au-pair in Frankfurt am Main, those days East Germany. Back in Sweden in summer 1988 I get a job at the hospital in Kalmar. There and then I decided to study to be a nurse. So I started the nurse education in Karlskrona. I took my examination in June 1992, and began working at Kvarnbackens nursing home in Nybro for a year. Between 1993 – 1994 I was further educated to become a child nurse, a distance education between Växjö and Linköping. After hat I was working at the child clinic at the hospital in Växjö during the summer 1994.

In august 1994 I moved to Lund and started to work at the neonatal intensive care unit at the university hospital. In Lund I met my husband Jonny, we get married the 15th of May 1999 in the Church of Hagby. In August 2000 I started a new employment as research nurse at AstraZeneca in Lund. During that time I also took a master degree in medical science at the University in Lund. In January 2009 I began a project employment as PhD student in a large improvement program at the county council in Kalmar in connection with the department of Quality Management at Linköping University. My PhD candidate position ended in May 2013. I defended my PhD thesis at Linköping University the 23th of May. In autumn 2011 I started to work 20% as secondary-school teacher at the Faculty of Health and Society, Malmö University. Since January 2014, I am holding a position as lecturer (senior school teacher) in Quality Improvement and Leadership of Health and Welfare, at the Jönköping Academy for Improvement of Health and Welfare at Jönköping University.